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How it works?

In 3 steps

Take a picture

Make sure the clothes are clearly visible

Upload the file

Up to 5 MB and
4000 px x 4000 px

See your results

3 similar articles of clothing from our database formed on Asos and Zalando

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Upload file

Drag and drop an image or browse to choose a file

File up to 5 MB and
4000 px x 4000 px

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Upload the picture and discover similar clothes

in the Style Search database

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What Style Search is not?

Is not only what you see

At Tooploox, we created Style Search not only for finding similar dresses, shirts or other clothes. We can use it in so many more fields - furniture, plants, ceramics, paintings, wallpapers. In fact, we are able to do this with any database of products!

Style Search can seek products not only by image but also by text. We know that users sometimes want to find the perfect item. The one which is similar to an existing product, but somehow different. That's why we’ve created the option of adding descriptions to the images. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to write what they would like to change about the upload picture. In the next step, Style Search creates a synthetic draft of the “dream product” by using a generative adversarial network and multimodal query interpretation. This option is not in the app quite yet, but it’s already been developed and we are excited to give users the possibility to find exactly the product they want.

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Let’s talk

Are you interested in Style Search as a product? Do you want to build something similar? Do you need an expert consultation? Whatever your question may be, we will be happy to answer it.

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